My research is oriented to accomplish four goals:
- Health Care
         1. Improve understanding of how entities react to incentives in the healthcare
        2. Explore the patient-physician relationship. How does it impact health outcomes? How does it affect optimal regulation and market design in the healthcare industry?    
        3. Explore the determinants of health care access and the effectiveness of policies meant to improve access.  
- Econometrics
         4. Develop econometric techniques that can be applied to common estimation issues. I am especially interested in the econometrics of discrete choice models, partially identified models, and econometrics with spatial data. 

Currently, I am working on three projects:
  1. A reduced form analysis of the effectiveness of National Health Services Corps incentives.
  2. A structural econometric analysis of physician responses to payment scheme and location-based incentives. 
  3. An econometric theory paper on the partial identification of discrete choice models with unobserved covariates.